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How awesome would it have been if you could have joined a program like Gabby's G-Fit when you were younger? What if someone took the time to invest in your health, confidence and self worth. What if you respected and loved yourself in your teens?


"These young girls have so much right in their face because of social media and the pressure to be perfect is so intense that the bulimia/anorexia epidemic has increased greatly in young women. This breaks my heart, and as an aunt I see my little angels and how incredibly beautiful they are...however it kills me that I know that they will go to school and somebody will make them feel insecure and unsure. We have the power to make a change!!!!! So why wouldn't we do something?"
- Gabby


Starting next round we are allowing any adult member to sign up a young lady ages 12-17 with them (with signed parental consent). The young ladies membership will be FREE!!!

The program will be the same as current classes, however the focus for the young ladies will be less about weight loss and more about health, strength and loving themselves just as they are. 

We want to teach the younger generation that they are STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, and MORE. 


We are SO EXCITED! If you would like to participate with your daughter or another young lady, call us at 479-262-2047 or email us at



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