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Giving Back

How awesome would it have been if you could have joined a program like Gabby's G-Fit when you were younger? What if someone took the time to invest in your health, confidence and self worth.... Read More

Win a Free Year of GFIT

How would you like to win Gabby's G-Fit FREE for a YEAR???   This is our biggest giveaway... Read More

Winter Blues?

Don't let this time of the year force you to put your health and fitness goals LAST! Summer bodies are made in the winter. Want more energy? Lower healthcare costs? To feel good about... Read More

Got Goals?

Got goals? Let us help!! Find a location and class that works for you: Alma: 5am, 9am, 4:45pm (mod) 6pm (3 day bootcamps) Van Buren: 5am & 5:30pm Greenwood: 5amRead More

Do It For You

It may be getting cold outside but our clients are HOT & HEALTHY!!  "These are jeans I... Read More

Be The Change

Each round a lady emerges with a testimony that inspires us all. This round it is Kelli. Here is her story. I started this program July 8, 2013. I came into it a broken,... Read More

Newbie + Vet = $50 each THIS ROUND ONLY

  Nothing a girl likes more than a S A L E!! This isn't just any ordinary sale. This is a BIRTHDAY blow out! Gabby has spent (2) years building her team of trainers and locations to... Read More

Trainer Spotlight: Andi Nigh

G-TRAINER ANDI   Andi is a person you don’t quickly forget. A huge smile, friendly... Read More

New Flavor of Gabby's G-Fit Body Fuel

Available at our office in Van Buren! Come by and pick yours up TODAY! Read More

Healthy Chips

Not all chips have to be bad for you.   Case in point: Kale chips, the healthy (and uber delicious) munchy alternative. No matter how you flavor them, they’ll satisfy your... Read More

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