How long are the Classes?


Each round of Gabby's G-Fit® is 4 weeks long, comprised of about 20 classes.

All classes are held 5 days a week (Monday - Friday).


Each class is usually around 45 minutes.

We never want anyone to feel rushed to get through an exercise,

so sometimes it may be a little bit longer.


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Where are the classes held?


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When does the next round start?


Our program is 4 weeks long, with one week off between each round.


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What do I need to bring?


Wear comfortable gym clothes & shoes appropriate for running.

Bring a set of 5lb weights (or 8-10lbs, for advanced attendees) and a yoga mat.

You may also want to bring a bottle of water & a towel (you WILL sweat).

What if I have to miss class?


We understand that things come up.


You are more than welcome to make arrangements with your trainer to attend
another time slot if you missed yours. For example, you missed your 5AM class,
you have the option to attend another class happening that day.


We want you to have every opportunity to stay committed.

What are the trainers like?


Our primary motivation at Gabby’s G-Fit® is to encourage and uplift women.

"Yes, I can" over "No, I can't" is our goal for every person.


Our trainers are kind, caring, and professional, but they also take their job very seriously.
During class, they are going to motivate, encourage and push you to do your VERY best.


Being "soft on you" would be counter-productive to that goal.

Excuses keep us from conquering our doubts & withhold us from becoming our best.

What should I eat?


Workouts are only part of a healthy lifestyle. Your eating habits are just as important.

For optimal results, we recommend following our tried & true food guidelines,

which will be provided to you at orientation.

Why drink protein shakes?


Protein is a crucial ingredient in the development of muscle tone & burning of fat.


Protein shakes are simply a streamlined, low-calorie way to deliver quality protein & necessary nutrients to your developing muscles.


Our favorite brand of protein is the shake mix specially created, tested & approved by
our CEO & creator, Gabby Mooney. It's available in many delicious flavors,
is reasonably priced, and compliments Gabby's G-Fit® program perfectly.


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What if I have medical issues?


Prior to joining Gabby’s G-Fit®, we ask that you talk to your doctor about your physical abilities. If you require low-impact exercise due to injury or fitness level,
our trainers can provide modification instructions before or during class.


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Is child care provided?

At this time, we do not provide childcare at any of our classes.

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