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Chelsey F

Rounds Down » 4
Pounds Lost » 25
Inches Lost » 30+

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Four months ago I started Gabby's G-Fit and it was by far the best decision I have made. 

I was at my heaviest, squeezing into clothes that didn't fit the best because I refused to go up another size. I remember driving to my first class thinking these girls are gonna judge how out of shape and big I am, but that was far from what happened. 

The girls and the trainer would finish with me even after they finished their set. And soon the exercise got a little easier and now I can finish a whole thing of crab walks without falling! Which is huge, because I couldn't go 3 steps without falling before. When you start to lose doubt in yourself the class is there to lift you up and shout you can do it. More times than not I am the last one to finish but it doesn't matter because you start as an individual but finish as a team! 

4 months, 25 pounds and 30+inches later I'm ready to start back and see the next milestone I can accomplish! #gettingfit #progress #littlebylittle #Gabbysgfit
- Chelsey F

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