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Amy A

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I started Gabby's G-fit in March 2013...I was turning 40 in July, and had decided (with the encouragement of my best friend, Angel) to FINALLY get in shape! I was completely nervous...I hadn't done any real exercise for almost 16 years...but it was TIME FOR A CHANGE! 

The first class was tough, I wasn't sure I would make it, but all the ladies were so encouraging, I felt NO judgement from anyone when I was the last to finish a set because someone (a vet) was out there with me, helping me, telling me I COULD do it! In all honesty, THAT is what kept me coming back, the encouragement, that and the RESULTS! After 6 months I had lost 40 pounds! 

I won't lie, over the last year, I haven't stuck to the diet plan like I should, and have gained some weight CAN"T out work out your diet! Diet AND exercise is what WORKS! However, I have never felt stronger or more comfortable in my own skin in my whole life, and I attribute that to G-fit! Starting this program was one of the best decisions I ever made! Now I get to encourage other ladies who are starting THEIR journey! Strong, Beautiful, MORE....says it all!
- Amy A

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