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Chelsey H.

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5 weeks after having my second baby I found myself miserable, ugly, fat and unhappy.


Not with my life but with my body. I became a person I never wanted to be. My relationship with my husband consisted just of babies and insecurities. One day while still on maternity leave, I kept seeing Megan Whitlock post on Facebook about this workout she was doing. I did a little research and after a lot of soul searching I found myself signing up for the ride of my life... called Gabby's G-Fit!


After just two months, I lost 30 lbs and tons of inches. For every pound I lost, I made a new friend, broke down barriers I didn't want to admit existed. Before I knew it, I found Me! Each month I've grown stronger and stronger.


I realize what G-fit changed in my life... EVERYTHING! My body, my mind, my soul and I became happy with me.. and a happy me made me better for my family.


Girls, you don't have to live unhappy with your body! And even if you don't care about your body.. do it for your mind. I promise this program works for every body and every person. You will see results you want if you give it 110% I would be lying if I said it was easy, but that sense of accomplishment is the BEST.

- Chelsey H.

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