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Christen P.

Rounds Down » 2
Pounds Lost » 24
Inches Lost » 27

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I am 29, will be 30 years old this year.


I don't have any children, and am currently going through a divorce. Considering that situation alone is very stressful and heartbreaking, I saw myself headed in a downward spiral - healthwise.


Thankfully, a good friend, Crystal Merry suggested we try G-Fit. I honestly wasn't too enthusiastic about it. I kind of thought it was just a bunch of hooplah. But the more that I went, the more I stuck to the diet, the more encouragement I received from all the wonderful ladies, I realized that this program is LEGIT and it WORKS.


I began to notice a huge difference in my energy level. I started to be motivated again and wasn't taking shortcuts to complete simple tasks - like laundry or cleaning the house. Then came seeing the difference in the way my clothes fit and now they seem to hang off of me! I couldn't be more pleased with what G-Fit has done for me, both physically and mentally.

After the first round, I lost 15 pounds and 27 inches. Today, this morning, I weighed in and now have a total of 24 pounds GONE (hopefully forever).

Thank you for all you've done to help make this program successful.

- Christen P.

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