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I joined G-Fit so I could lose weight and not be fat.


I was a size 8-9 in high school and always thought I was fat. Then came college. I gained a ton of weight.


When I joined Gabby's G-Fit, I was at my all time heaviest. My self esteem was horribly low. I thought I would never be fit or "small." I thought I would never feel good about myself. I heard about Gabby's G-Fit through a friend.


My first day I thought... I would ever make it. I thought I was gonna die. I thought, "If this Gabby Mooney girl asks me to do one more thing I was gonna be girl down for sure." I had the most amazing partner Andi Nigh in the house that night! She told me she believed in me. She did her reps and mine. It was then I thought if this stranger can believe in me then I need to believe in myself! I was emotional. I cried. I couldn't believe I could do the workouts that Gabby Mooney made.


I lost a few things in Gabby's G-Fit. I've lost weight, inches, and fat. I have gained self confidence, self esteem, muscle, friends, strength, and an even stronger faith! You see with G-fit I have lost a few things I wanted to lose. BUT I HAVE GAINED SO MUCH MORE! This program has been a major blessing in my life. The girls are a blessing to me too! I love seeing them achieve their goals!

- Danielle H.

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