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Dione M

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I started Gabby's G-fit in September 2013 as a last ditch attempt to lose weight. I had tried low carb diets, protein shakes, and several other fad diets. I was 50 lbs overweight and became winded walking to my sister's house (1/2 mile down the road). 

I signed up the Sunday night before classes started, not sure I would go through with it. Now, over a year later, my original goal of losing weight has morphed into training for a half marathon!

After the first round, my wedding ring was too big; after four rounds, I had lost over 20 pounds and 20 inches. A year later, I have gone down 5 pant sizes and XL to M in tops.  

Gabby's G-fit gets results. The program's work-outs are outstanding, but the encouraging, supportive atmosphere both during the work-out and through the group FB page is by far the game-changer.  

Gabby has developed a balanced, successful fitness program for women of all fitness levels. I am so thankful for her work and the great team she has trained. Gabby's G-fit has definitely changed my life.
- Dione M

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