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I started G-Fit in February of 2013 because I wanted to lose the extra weight I had put on after having a baby. I was unhappy with the way I saw myself when I looked in the mirror. I was so nervous to start this program I had heard so many things about it before I started from the good to the bad. 

The first day was tough, I left that gym almost unable to walk out because my legs felt like jello and by Wednesday I wanted to give up. My husband told me "no you’re going to finish this."  

I felt like I was slow and that everyone was watching me and judging how I was doing everything. I can definitely say as I approach my 2nd year that boy was I wrong. 

I have never met so many amazing women who come together and encourage one another. This program not only is about getting yourself healthy I believe it’s also about teaching you to look at the good in everyone and not judge a book by its cover, to build people up rather then bring them down. Everyone has their own story and their own ending but ultimately we are all heading for the same common goal and that’s success! 

I am thankful for all the trainers and the rest of the Gabby's G-Fit staff that continue to make this program worth coming to week after week. We care about you as much as you do about us. I love this program and as long it’s around I will be to.
- Jennifer M.

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