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Most of y'all know me and have heard me talk about my 3 boys, 3 c-sections, losing baby weight, etc. But why do I stick with Gabby's G-Fit? After I lost the "baby weight," I decided it was totally possible for me to lost the "marriage weight!" My hubby and I got married in 2005, when I was 19. I was starting my second year of college and I had no clue how to cook, especially for a man! I hated veggies and preferred sugar, soda and junk food, typical college student.


Fast forward to college graduation in 2008, I had gained about 30 pounds and soon after learned I was pregnant with our oldest and gained another 40 pounds. My unhealthy eating continued with each pregnancy, with short diets thrown in between each to lose the baby weight. But that first 30 pounds just kept hanging on.

Next July is our 10 year wedding anniversary and I plan to be more fit than I was when I walked down the aile. I am 14lbs from reaching my goal weight . That is why I bust my butt (and encourage others to bust theirs too) during each workout! I am driven to succeed in this program and I am empowered with every goal I conquer.

My ultimate goal now is to one day become a Gabby's G-Fit trainer so I can encourage and empower other ladies!!! I love my Gabby's G-Fit family!

- Kacee B

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