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Why do I G-Fit?
#1 - It was January of 2014 and I weighed 215 lbs. when my son proposed to his beautiful girlfriend. The idea of posing for wedding photos next to the gorgeous mother-of-the bride had me in tears. I knew the truth; I was DUMPY.

#2 – When you can barely cram yourself into your size 20 jeans, it hurts inside. Shopping for the next size up? Well, there isn’t any fashionable clothing for fatties, so I just looked FRUMPY.

#3 – I was severely obese on the charts. I had no energy and my blood pressure was through the roof. I was miserable and GRUMPY.

Dumpy. Frumpy. Grumpy. I hated being fat...enter Gabby’s G-Fit.

I thought I would get a workout, instead I got So. Much. More!! I got a group of ladies who don’t give up on me, even when I give up on myself. When that last set of lunges has me quitting, they come alongside to do extras so I won’t be alone. They cheer me on. They are amazing women.
I thought I would go on a diet. Instead, I learned how to eat. I was taught what foods my body needed to function properly. I thought I was going to lose weight and fit into a pretty dress for the wedding. Instead, I got confidence in my developing strength, pride in my new-found determination, and delight in my transforming body. And, yeah, I lost sixty pounds and ROCKED the dress.

So why do I G-Fit? ‘Cause I am NOT, NOT, NOT going back.
- Kara S.

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