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Growing up I was always a stick thin.


I got all kinds of comments about being "skin and bones" and needing to gain weight. When I got to high school, I quit basketball and told myself that I was going to keep exercising and keep my body in good shape. But reality hit me. When you aren't committed and passionate about something, you won't do it.


I started my first year of college in August, weighing around 125 pounds. At Christmas time, I decided to weigh myself. I was at 145. That was NOT going to work with me. Thank goodness the next month was the first month of Gabby's G-fit in Fayetteville! I signed up as soon as I heard about it.


I have never been so excited to work out and so happy with the way that I look. I am not a "skin and bones" kind of girl anymore!! I have muscle and a flat tummy! I am full of energy! I have made so many good friends that also love to work out and feel this good about themselves. The best feeling in the world is seeing someone you've known forever say, "You look good, Lindsey! Have you been working out?"


I encourage everyone to try GFit. Nothing can beat all the kind trainers, the motivation and encouragement this program brings. I AM BEAUTIFUL. I AM STRONG. I AM MORE!

- Lindsey R.

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