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Melisa W.

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My name is Melisa, and I am 44 years old.


I have always considered myself athletic. 5 years ago I ran my first marathon. I injured my knee which required me to not run for about a year. When I was able to run any type of twinge in my knee would cause me to freak out and not exercise at all. I think there was more to it than just my knee.


I lost my stepfather who was a wonderful man to lung cancer, I was taking care of my mom during her grieving and also being a wife and mother. I stopped taking care of myself and worried only of taking care of my family and friends. I stopped looking at myself in the mirror. I would get out of the shower and make sure that the mirror was nice and foggy so I would not have to look at myself.


Then Christmas of 2012 a picture was taken of me. It hit me like a slap to my face. I did not recognize this person. This was not Melisa that ran a half marathon on her wedding day 6 years before.


I looked at this picture for hours and I cried. I let myself get to this point and there was no one else to blame but me. I missed me…


My friend Shelley Buchanan goes to Gabby's G-Fit in Fort Smith and she texted me her before/after pictures. I was amazed at her results. She looked Amazing. So I signed up and have not regret it once.


It has been hard and I love it! I love that I am getting stronger every day. I love the positive and supportive women that are working towards the same goal I am. I still have a ways to go until I get to my goal. I am going to get there and once there I will maintain.


To me, G-Fit is more than just working out. It is about what you eat too. G-Fit is my family.

- Melisa W.

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