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While my transformation picture is a little different than others and a little scary to post, its an honest, real representation of heartache, hope, and determination on a journey that is just getting started. The girl on the left is a happy and healthy g-girl who is falling in love with her new and improving body one sweaty down and back at a time. The girl on the right wants to find her again.

Growing up, I had it all (or at least so I thought) I was healthy, pretty, athletic, smart, loved the Lord with all my heart, and extremely confident in myself. Being a cheerleader, I tumbled, jumped, and stunted A LOT. After several years of pushing myself to the limit, it caught up with me. A visit from the neurologist confirmed that I had 2 bulging discs and a degenerating disc in my lower back. My days of being an athlete were over. I felt robbed and completely broken. I was depressed and turned to food as my comfort. 60 pounds later, I was no longer the happy go-lucky Morghan everyone knew. I was an angry, sad person who hated what they saw in the mirror. That's when I found Gabby's G-Fit.

I have never been so nervous as when I walked into the Alma Boys and Girls club and climbed atop those dreaded scales. I felt so ashamed and scared as I recorded my measurements that the pretty, skinny, blonde girl was calling out to me. I expected her to be just as disgusted, but she smiled and hugged me, telling me how excited she was that I was there. I began to love waking up at 4:30 every morning and go workout with a bunch of women who were just as excited in seeing me succeed as themselves. It was hard, but so worth it. The numbers began falling and the inches melted off as my love for myself began to grow.

Then came college, for so long I've wanted to leave home and begin life on my own just as almost every other 18 year old does. I knew that this was my time to shine and be the person that I was destined to be. Lord, was I wrong. Never in my entire life have I felt so lonely and afraid. I missed my family and the life I had taken for granted before. I turned to what had been there for me so many times before. Food. The weight began to pile on and 20 pounds later, I felt myself slipping back down in to that dark, depressing place full of lies, self-pity, and anger that I was before. All that work I had put in just went down the drain. A couple months ago, I got involved with someone who I thought was the perfect guy for me. He was funny, sweet, and someone I could see myself with for a long time. However, the laughter began to turn in to yelling and screaming, the nice words became hateful and harmful and I went from being happy to scared.

Having the loving family I do, they saw how defeated and sad I'd become and gave me the opportunity I have been looking for all along. I've been blessed enough to have my own house, go to school in Fort Smith, and be surrounded by my support system. Which includes Gabby's G-Fit. The moment I was able to sign up, I took the chance. This program is my ray of hope. I have never felt so cherished, determined, and happy as when I'm standing on that court, surrounded by people who are working just as hard as I am. I may have lost my way this past year, but I know what I'm capable of and what I can do with a little willpower and a lot of faith. I am strong, I am beautiful, and I am more than what people say I am. I'm a g-girl.
- Morghan B

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