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In January 2014, with the encouragement of a long-distance friend who is a health coach, I decided I needed to do something about my health/weight. I have ALWAYS struggled with my weight. Although I gained more weight after becoming an adult and having kids, I was not thin before. I was the chubby kid in elementary school and never wore junior sizes like my friends in high school.... My friend sent me some books by Dr. Wayne Anderson, who is all about establishing healthy habits that are sustainable. He writes about shopping the periphery of the grocery store, staying away from processed foods, and eating several small meals a day. The diet worked when I could follow it faithfully - but I had trouble being consistent. For several months of 2014, I would lose a few pounds, gain a couple back, lose a few, gain a couple, get discouraged, gain them all back, start over - you get the idea. 

Some wonderful friends, who had themselves started working out on a regular basis, encouraged me to start an exercise program. I really didn't want to.... I don't like to exercise, I was NEVER athletic, and I just didn't think I could do it. I used excuses like "I don't have time, my schedule won't allow it and I just can't do that..." However, I knew deep down that consistent exercise was probably what was lacking in my quest for better health.  

Finally, in September 2014, I joined the 5 a.m. G-fit class in Alma. The recommended G-fit food guidelines were pretty close to what I was already trying to follow, so that was a good fit. And guess what? I have no schedule conflicts with the 5 a.m. class! Neither does my family. As a matter of fact, most mornings they don't even know I am gone. Guess what else? Even though it was hard, I could do more than I thought I could!! And the encouragement from the other ladies in my class pushed me to work towards the things I was not yet able to do! Sometimes I still have to modify, but I am NEVER made to feel any shame for the things I am still working to be able to do. All support. All encouragement.  

Since starting Gabby's G-Fit, I have not only lost weight but toned more than I have in decades. The best part is that the weight loss is consistent. No more yo-yo dieting and weight loss/gain. One of my biggest struggles has always been maintaining. With G-fit, maintenance is much easier!

With the help of Gabby's G-fit, I have lost over 30 lbs. and many more inches in 2014. I know I still have a long way to go, but if I can stay in Gabby's G-Fit, I feel that I can not only reach but MAINTAIN some goals in 2015!!
- Myra G

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