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Natural Elements IV Services

Natural Elements is offering IV services at G-Fit NOLA for hangovers, athletic, wellness, and migraines.



Sat & Sun: 10AM-4PM

phone: (504) 321-4625

Appointment Only

Appointments available outside of normal business hours.

IV Menu

Members only $100 

The Hangover - our blend of minerals and vitamins will help you quickly rebound from debilitating symptoms of a hangover $129


Super Hangover - t­his blend of minerals and vitamins is for the most severe hangover symptoms. It includes two extra vitamins to help detox your body of alcohol toxins $169


The Migraine - migraines can be incapacitating. This blend be will sure to have you feeling normal again. $129


“I” Booster - cold and flu symptoms can keep you from being your best self. It will give your immune system the help it needs to get you back in shape. $159


Myers - the Myers IV is great for muscle soreness, muscle spasms, and cold and flu symptoms. This infusion is also good for chronic asthma and respiratory infections. $139


Skin Glow - the ultimate beauty boost! This combination of vitamins will hydrate, brighten and detoxify your hair, skin, and nails leaving you feeling and looking your absolute best.  


Slim- the Slim was designated to be used in combination with a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep. This infusion of vitamins will improve energy production, increase exercise capacity and assist with weight loss. $149


Calm* - this IV was designed to help with everyday stressors of life. Stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia can all be helped with this infusion. $139

*This infusion may cause drowsiness. Recipients of this should not operate heavy machinery.


The Works – this super-blend of vitamins is designated to provide the body with everything that it needs to operate at the highest possible performance level. We pack tons of vitamins into this infusion including: BCAAs, arginine, and carnitine which is why we name it "the works.” $179


Endurance – this blend is deisgnated with athletes in mind. This infusion is best given before a workout or sporting event to optimize performance or after for recovery and will improve post workout muscle soreness. $159


Rehydration -this infusion is simple yet ery effective. 1000ml of normal saline... That’s it. If ddehydration is your only complaint or you just want some extra fluids added this is for you. $75


  • Toradol - great for headaches and muscle soreness. $30
  • Zofran – medication added to your infusion or an iv push to relieve nausea. Great with the hangover $30
  • Coq10+b12 - improved aerobic power, increases anaerobic threshold, exercise performance, and recovery $35
  • Lipo c – amino acids that boost metabolism and release fat from the body’s primary fat deposits. Can be aadministers twice a week. $35
  • B12 – vitamins that increase metabolism and energy production $25
  • Taurine – reduces inflamation, optimizes celluar hydration, increases insulin sensitivity, and speeds recovery $25
  • Calm - great for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Can be administered as an injection or added to an IV $40
  • Glutathione – powerful antioxidant that detoxes the body of free radicals, rejuvenates the skin, hair, nails, and cleanses vital organs $35